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Autumn is my fav time of year ...

So my new painting is rich with autumnal colours... forgot to press the GO button last night, but hope you all had fun bank jolls. I was painting to my hearts content and made good progress ...

So it begins with just a few strikes with the palette knife ... see if I like the initial colours I have chosen, then layer up, and keep going. It all sound so simple doesnt it?

And then add some more colours, and be clever with palette knife, thus creating some fab-u-lous tree trunks that will really 'pop' ... See easy right?

Some buildings are beginning to form in the background, a bridge to build, the sky, the water. Really funky street lamps to finish - your gonna love these! The pathway and the people, maybe a park bench Hmm, not sure ....

Well ... Lets see shall we :)

Have a fun eve all, and catch you next week, thanks for reading me :)

Tarn xxx

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