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Do you like Japanese Blossom?

Well ... this is the painting for you 🤓 ... though it might not seem like it, just yet!

This is just the beginning, but keep checking back. I'm so excited about this painting. It always starts, for me, with just a few straggley guidelines (ever the professional), and a mind full of colour ... just gotta get it on the canvas and try and remember it ... If only I had a photographic memory 🙈 ...

As you can see, this one is going to be with those super cool metallic's, which I could just eat, they're so gorgeous. They change colour as your eyes roam around the painting.... this is going to look super cool, I hope.

Next time, you will see the trees coming to life, the Japanese lanterns lit up in the cool night air ... A beautiful calming lake running through the centre with amazing reflections ... And a little surprise looking out over the lake ...


Thanks for checking in all, and happy Sunday ...

Tarn xxx

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