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For the love of bricks!

Autumnal colours yes! Also the fine colours of bricks and mortar ...

... which you may have realised by now, is my thing. Autumn is nearing, and the colours are turning up the volume into an array of delightful oranges, rusts, reds and yellows. My absolute favourite time of year. An artists paradise of colour, even when its raining ... gimme a few street lamps, cobbles, rustic trees, old cottages, chimney tops, a cosy pub throwing its light out onto the shiny wet cobbles - oh I want to paint it! Just need the photo - a red post box, or telephone box would be good too, so if you have this photo - you get the idea? Please send it in ...

So I'm nearing my second painting of this cute

little walkway. Some would say, an odd thing to paint, and I would probably agree. However, very pretty, very simple, very beautiful. I love it!

Now I need to perfect my bricks and mortar, refine my lines. Age and scuff them and give them some cracks. After all, they've been standing probably centuries and need to look slightly crumbly and damaged, right?

Finally, add my greenery and then we are laughing ... The end is nigh ....

Thanks for reading my blog kind people ... over and out, enjoy your evening xxx

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