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Size Matters!

Here's the thing .. As most of you know (if you know me), I cant measure! Give me a ruler I will still manage to get the measurements wrong. Then there is converting the humble centimeter into millimeters, and into inches, into feet even! My goodness me ... I recently purchased a 'fold-up' garden table (which I love), and they said it was 4.5 ft. So my mind measured this in that ... I am approx 5.7ish so I rounded this up to 6ft and roughly thought ... well its gotta be over half of my body so that sounds right! Miraculously it actually was - this was a first!

So now, I'm doing a little project, which I thought would be so easy. I purchased some small frames this time around, 12 x 12 inches (30.5cm x 30.5cm) - Impressed? Actually this was written on the box for me, confession! I then thought, Oooh I will pop these little 'treasures of art' in a floating frame ... But my size madness triplicated! What I thought would be a 'click and buy', turned into a 2 hour search. Who knew there are this many 'floating' frames, seriously:-

Floating Canvas Frame

Box Frame

Tray Frame

Baguette Frame

Glassless Frame

3d Floating Frame

Having recovered from my insanity, I made the decision and stuck to the 'Floating Frame'. Then there was the mere measurement of a 1.6cm edge required in millimeters (yes 16mm, not difficult (for some), I know)) but is the frame the entire size, or is it to fit your 12 inch x 12 inch canvas ..... ?

Well ive done it, ordered it, had enough of it - my mind is frazzled ... all I want to do is paint!

I may let you see this next week in its glory, if the frame is large enough to pop my canvas in ...

No pics of my metallics tonight?

And thats my little story ...

Have a good eve all

T xxx

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After all of that did you have the energy to do any painting 😂😂

Tanya Hudgell
Tanya Hudgell
May 25, 2021
Replying to

Tee hee! Thankfully did that before🙂🙃 x

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