'The Mill, Cambridge' Those were the days! Bring them back to us! A cozy little black and white painting on canvas, remembering the days when life was 'easier' at the Public House. A couple wait patiently to be served, and the cyclist takes a quick break to read a text. Wonder who he is? is it you in the photo, that's now on my painting? Who is in the doorway, anyone you know? Painted with black and white acrylic paint'. In a nut-shell:- Artist: Tanya Hudgell Title: 'The Mill' Original: Is this painting Instructions: Canvas 29cm x 39cm approx (edging is 1.5cm) - The edges are painted and hence does not require a frame, but would still look nice in one. Printing medium: Acrylic Paint Date of Issue: April 2021

The Mill, Cambs 'Original' Art Canvas