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Welcome to my website, please enjoy, subscribe and be kept updated...

Bright and vibrant, bold and beautiful! Precise and definite, a swipe here and a dot there. An Artist in Acrylics. My landscapes are ever changing, starting often, with a precision drawing and ensuring every piece fitted my minds puzzle ... to now a bolder approach of bringing them alive.


I have added a number of palette knives to work alongside my collection of brushes, using luscious straight edges to create strokes of bold beautiful colours.  I dare to use the palette knife and cover the blank canvas with beautiful abundant thick slices of acrylic paints, like a dense heavy spreading of shiny butter, which changes and glimmers in the light, and helps the atmosphere of my paintings dance off the canvas.


My fine lined work will still be in the mix though, so please keep a close eye on what I am up to.


Sign up for free, just click the 'subscribe button' and you can see my latest paintings come alive as I work on them, or just tune in every now and then and check out my blog.

I really hope you enjoy my website, and if you would like to make a purchase, I would be overjoyed.  

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