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Acrylic paper 🤨! A first for me... it’s thirsty stuff!

A surprise to me, felt like watercolour paper oddly... uses a lot of paint, not sure about it... anyway....

I cant believe I have never thought of painting this tiny gateway into a world of, 'beauty and the bricks!' My take on this, could be of course all about the bricks. Had tried to take a few more pics (I have just one), but it seems it's a popular place to stand and chat, before meandering along the tiny corridor that lures you through to open greenery ... A relaxing afternoon for me, and a gradual return to normality after an action packed month - I do need to get my sensible head screwed back on, after much ludicrous folly :-) ...

Of course you all know where this is? I just keep you guessing for now ... someone may respond, and be brave, and write on my blog - I remain hopeful as ever.

Meanwhile if you are reading, thank you! I will return next week to add more paint to paper, lots of foliage, roses, and more excitement, as time has now run out. Have a good Sunday (what's left) and working week, until we meet again. xxx

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