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Blowing bubbles still!?

Yes! This is what I've been up to. I know, I've done them before, but they proved popular, and more so, I love to paint bubbles 🙂, they make me happy ..

I thought they would look funky in a floating frame, so that was all that malarkey from last week. The shenanigans of measuring 🤭 ... well it did work as you can see, and I rather like it in a frame.

So this will be part of my next 'bubble' series ... got some more ideas up my sleeve for the love of the shiny metallic bubble.

This one measures 🤔 .... 12 x 12 inches, did I say, Yes, I think so ... ?

This will be on my selling page (frame not included), so do check it out (I shall upload it, hopefully later tonight), or just send me message or email me.

Have a lovely eve all, enjoy eve sunshine!

Tarn xxx

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