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Bubble Burst!

For the absolute love of bubbles. I have been studying the bubble for an age. You can only imagine how long the washing up takes me!?

So ... here it is ...

Boy, this was a big challenge. The bubble behaves very differently on a white background. To show them to their full shining glory, has not been an easy task!

Frustrations were running high throughout this piece ... hence not so many pics in the making for this one, sorry ... If you have been following, you may note, some have been wiped out entirely - I popped them and repainted them in my fiery frustrations. As, when I stood back and looked on ... did my beautiful bubble I had spent an hour or two on, resemble a bubble? The answer was often sadly, no, just a very pretty circle! But, I have learnt a lot more about the art of the bubble, and must write some more indepth notes to self, so I remember the errors of my ways.

Shown here, the past two and the new one ...

There will be more bubble excitement to come ... the canvasses are ready and waiting, as are my paints. Do let me know if you are interested, as many of you have asked for copies. Metallics do not copy, so these are all one-off originals. And you know what? How about that .. to own something 'one-of-a-kind, that no-one else will have, just for you! Gotta be worth it surely :)

As my eyes are now double-crossing with bubbles, I need to give them a little break, but it wont be long so keep watch, feel free to sign up, it doesn't cost you anything, and I will only update you maybe once a fortnight, with what I'm working on ...

If you are interested, I'm going to be working on a black and white painting of, 'The Mill Pub' located on the banks of the River Cam. I was inspired by a very simple photo, that I happen to come across via Facebook, 'A Cambridge Diary', and having asked permission, its all go! So, im really excited to start this, it doesnt quite need the intense concentration a bubble requires.

I dont know if any of you have seen my latest painting in the Saffron Walden Tourist Info, '4pm'.

Well, this started off as 'black and white', but I just couldnt do it.

I love black and white, but I love colour more ... black and white - there is no-where to hide, and I do love a colour pop!

Lets see what happens ...

Meanwhile, as ever. Have a super evening all and stay safe!

Tarn xxx

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I’m back, and did I pick a great moment, absolutely loving the new bubbles, you are such a clever lady 😘

Tanya Hudgell
Tanya Hudgell
Mar 28, 2021
Replying to

Hey Linda! I'm pleased your back, sorry I lost you. Thanks for appreciating my bubbles 😁 xx

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