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Coming along nicely...

This tiny doorway, into something special, is just so beautiful ... to me! I cant wait to start laying those bricks .....

... and this was after a tidy up ...

Bricks, last sadly. Not sure how I will contain myself but, alas I shall. Slate roof next, also exciting. A few roses, to dab in .... some tree branches, here and there .... The writing, for the Fry! Always, I find, the most tricky part - makes me nervous, even now.

I may paint my bricks individually, this time around ... I know! Crazy! but true!

To frame, or not to frame!?

Yes, this time, I do intend to frame it. A small painting in fact, with minuscule details, which is probably unnecessary, but I just can't help myself ...

I do still wonder if anyone reads my blog? I know some of you do, to which I say a big thank you. If you haven't signed up, please do, for no other reason than, it will make me happy.

I think, I'm near the finish line already. Let's see what tomorrow brings, meanwhile ... have a lovely evening all. The sun shines upon us tonight :-) xxx

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