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'Dreams in Colour'

The end is in sight ...

Seriously has taken me forever and a day to complete this piece!

Its been a journey for me too...

The sunset skies ...

The lights of the city ...

The big loooooming trees ...

The wild REFLECTIONS on the water ...

True love cuddles up in the early evening breeze, alone with each other, to dream in colour. Looking out over the waters edge into the city lights, as the sunset falls. The city buzz is miles away.

This canvas really is 'out there'. Its incredibly bright and cheerful, so if you are looking for some cheery art work this one could be the one!

Here tis!

Thank you so so much, for checking out what I am up to, and if you are interested in this piece, or others, please go to my 'shop' page.

Have a super eve all.

Tarn xxx

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