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Fav house of beams n bricks!

How exciting to paint my fav house in Bridge Street. Tons of bricks in all different diagonals - what a stunning wall! Lots of timber beams, and then there are the chimneys and chimney pots and not forgetting that wonderful old fashioned lamp. Another great few hours of brush strokes. Oh how I love my Monday's. Cant wait to paint the old yellow petrol sign, god I'm so easily pleased... Not sure whether to have traffic in my scene.... maybe just a quiet road I think, unlike it was last week with traffic lights that got stuck on red. These things are sent to try us :-)

Im off out for well deserved eats out and a few vinos, looking forward to meet up with newby's and old-timers! I cant believe that tonight there's quite a beaut sunset out of my window, yet all day it's once again been pretty dull and rainy, hohum! Have a great eve all and thanks for reading my blog xxx

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