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Full Moon, Half Moon !

After a billion changes of my mind and umpteen gallons of paint, 'Somewhere out there' is finally finished ...

What an absolute joy to paint, not a stone unturned ... metallics, fabric paint, textured mediums, acrylic paint, glass paint, even car paint, and of course a lot of ‘Tarn imagination’ ...

.... and to think this one started as something else completely different but due to a massive calamity on my part, I was unable to complete my pending masterpiece, and indeed the canvas was ready for the tip, as were my brushes!

But alas ... another brainwave and a lightbulb moment - textures sprung to my mind, and even better .... this one lights up in the dark ... Yes I know, it’s the little things that please me.

Its a difficult one to see to its full potential in a photo (sorry, but thats not an invitation for you all to pop over). But due to the fact it has metallics and so many textures etc, it doesn't like its photo taken. I hope you like it as much as I do. There will definitely be more of these.

I think poor old Thaxted is going to remain half complete. Tarn has taken another tact in her art work, and I'm totally loving it. My brain is an explosion of mad crazy ideas, and I almost don't want to sleep in case I forget them. In fact the last 2 nights I haven't slept coz of this 'out of space' experience.

Ooh the joy of creation! I think I deserve a glass of something chilled and nawty!

Have a super fun evening one and all and thank you so much for checking in. Oh.. . just in case you may want to make a comment, you need to log-in first ... You are a shy lot

Tarn xxx

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