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I made a promise to show you something! ...

So prepare yourself for that something! It doesn't always go to plan, sometimes you end up painting over the same space of canvas all day ...

Which is kind of what happened to me today. It is frustrating, but challenges me more on how to 'fix it'! So, these days, painting is simply banished, until next week.

Maybe the face is the problem 🤔, maybe its because there is only one bubble trying to take its form, thus far, maybe the reflections are off, or maybe it's just rubbish and I need to start again 😉 ...

I know I've got this one wrong, and over complicated it, but I know how to correct it (I think) heyho ...

Have a good eve all 🙂🙃

Tarn xx

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I really don’t think you have got this wrong, I absolutely love the idea and know you will perfect it over the coming weeks 😘

Tanya Hudgell
Tanya Hudgell
Jun 22, 2021
Replying to

You are too kind Linda! 😉 but I will take it, thank you 😘

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