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Is it 12th April?

Will you or wont you visit the pub?

Many pubs are enticing us outside with wonderful out door areas, Tepee's, blankets, candles, twinkly lights - all sounds terribly romantic doesnt it? Or a speedy vino or two, and a good long overdue gossip with a friend, also sounds super fantastic.

I'm not sure if I shall participate in this excitement, just yet. I am continuing my painting of The Mill in Cambridge, however ...

Still black and white, yes! I am able to do no colour!

I have also invested in a brand new, very nice shiny pallette knife ... two in fact ...

One is to do my brick laying, and must say the

result of which, I am very pleased with ...

Let me know what you think, ive layed most of my bricks this afternoon.

Still lots to do ... the pathway, the flowers around the sign, the lighting, cementing, shading, highlights, and bring this beautiful place alive even more.

The Cross Keys and the Eight Bells could well be on my list for the future ...

If you know anyone that might like this, please direct them to my page.

Have a great eve all.

Stay safe.

Tarn xxx

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