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Let me think?

The 'Slimmers Mug' ? Has a unique use, its larger than most mugs, and perfect to add water too, for my paint brushes. It serves no other purpose :)

I have my new palette of colours at the ready, a vibrant display of reds and oranges, a few violets and purples and some yellows. It will be another massive challenge that I have set myself, but again on a smaller canvas. I need to perfect these challenges first, before approaching my larger canvas on my new found techniques ...

Watch this space for the New Year!

I will be going off the grid with my website for a few days from 30th December, but will return with a slightly updated version, so please dont think I've gone away forever ...

I shall be cleaning up my brushes and knives, and ordering more artists wire and 'hook and eye screws', and all that exciting stuff, new shiny paint - oh the drama!

Have a super healthy Christmas and New Year all!



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