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Looking for Colour?

Oh yeah! This beauty is really taking shape ... its probably fair to say I am at the messy part, but trust me, it will all start coming into its own very soon ...

Lets show you a little close up too ...

See what I mean, looks a smidge odd 🤔 but just wait ....

I have the railings in, and they are looking

pretty cool. The colours are amazing in

this painting.

If you are looking for a bold 'WOW' of thick

glossy knife work, then this is the one for you.

I'm never too sure how a painting will look, as what's in my mind, often doesn't translate onto


There is so much more to do, but I need to let this dry for a while now, so I will leave you with this stage for now...

I have the 'bench' to pop in (which always proves to be mega difficult for some reason, so will be a massive challenge for me), and a couple of enormous trees, that I'm hoping will look the bizzo! Lets see shall we. Always learning as I go, and praying it will work !!!!

Have a good afternoon / eve lovely people, and as always thanks for taking a peek at what I'm up too!

Tarn xxx

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