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It has been a while I know … I hope my followers are all well, and I’m sorry for my quietness over the past 6 months or so...

So, any ideas thus far (I guess the title may be a giveaway)?

I was thinking of doing a pallette knife paint-off, for this particular idea ...

But then, I changed my mind part way

through ...

And decided, to do both...

Its been a while and I need to sharpen my tools 'so to speak' ...

And why not mix it up a little ...

So believe it or not, this is the background to a snow scene ...

I wanted to challenge myself to finally, pluck up the courage to paint a snow scene. Something I have often pondered, but never felt confident enough to do so. I’m really happy with the outcome. It WAS as difficult as I thought it would be, but I really enjoyed it.

Ive taken some shots of the stages, as always, so you can see ‘how it was made’. Maybe I can inspire you, or maybe you can tell me an easier technique for ‘snow’?

I loved painting the trees, and the snowfall, not as difficult as I had once thought, but no mean feat.

And, you know what? I really enjoy painting figures, I once thought these were the most difficult thing to do, and hence never dreamed of adding one ... now I love it .... 'Simplify' is a word that sticks with me!

And ... 'she' completes the painting ... Not bad for my first snow scene.

Thank you for checking out my blog, and looking forward to some snow, next Friday we are told?

Have a good eve wonderful peeps. Ooh and if you are interested in purchasing, please check out my 'For Sale' page.

Tarn xxx

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