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The knives are away ....

Just for the time being mind ...

The metallics are back on my pallette, and my teeny tiny paint brushes, and close up glasses are most definately out for this one!

The joy of the Bubble, an ongoing study ... arent they beautiful, and ever changing. Those gorgeous colours that hit the light, and those reflections, ever dependant on where you are standing at the time.

This one is a commission to join two others, to make the trio.

I will however be doing a little series of bubble paintings on smaller canvasses, as so many of you have commented and asked for one.

I will let you know when the 'bubble series' commence. Its a shame you cant copy metallic paints, but at least you can be assured to have a one-off original.

As you may note, when you view these close-up, its hard to see the 'bubble' effect. Trust me, I have learnt this the hard way, and repainted many, took photos, and thought 'no it doesnt resemble a bubble' ... Hence, then spent quite some time (believe me) on a repaint, only to finish back where I started. Then, having stood back to view, it is in fact a bubble!

Im waffling, I know! I can get carried away on this subject. I shall share with you, just one more bubble pic, and keep you posted on how I'm going.

Can I also just say a big hello to all my newcomers to my site who have signed up to see my work. This is really quite exciting to share with you the stages of progress (or not) as the case may be.

As you may be aware, I currently have my latest pallette knife painting on display in the Tourist Information Centre, of the Market Square '4pm', which do pop down to view, if you havent already. Looks fab in all its glory, and brightens up the town square with yet more metallic paint.

Have a super fun eve all, stay safe and keep smiling!

Best Tarn xx

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