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The Mill, Cambridge

I did it! Just using black and white ... I was so tempted to add a dash of metallic, or a tincy splash of colour, it took everything in my powers to 'simply' leave alone! And I think it paid off ...

It seems an age since I last stepped foot in this wonderful place, but having studied this little photo, feels like only yesterday.

Oddly, the reason I loved this photo so much, was this couple standing in the doorway, at the bar area, waiting to be served. The barman looks to be serving in the background, and so they wait patiently, possibly observing the chalk board, debating what their tastebuds are crying out for. Must have been a warm evening, as the gent has his shorts on, and the lady, a lightweight jacket, perhaps. Those were the good ole days, which hopefully will return in the future ...

I shall definitely pay, The Mill a visit, hopefully this year. A really fab setting, and as I've said before, many special occasions over the years have been spent here. I hope they are back up and running .... and maybe they might want to purchase a little black and white original ...

Have a super evening all.

Stay safe and keep smiling :)

Tarn xxx

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