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Through Bridge End gateway ... and out the other side ...

This is the one I've just completed, and now framed .... lets keep walking through shall we ...

I couldn’t resist the archway through to 'the other side'. Quite similar to my last one, but why not! Gorgeous reddish coloured walls with black sides, and beautiful stunning naked bricks. Opening into Bridge End Gardens, hidden amongst those ancient trees. Ooooooh I love it. A spooky archway to a creepy forest, tho actually not creepy at all. Once you walk down the narrow pathway, and out into all its glory, its really quite stunning in fact ...

Lots of additional walled areas, fabulous gardens, a beautifully kept maze, many more wrought iron gateways lead to, a rose garden, and additional spots of beauty. Some winding iron steps take you higher to a tiny viewing space (enough for two!). The gardens, a tranquil place to sit and ponder, and be still and quiet. Or in my younger day, to be crazy, noisy, and a bit of a lunatic along with my buddies. Thank goodness things have changed .. or have they!?

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