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Thank you for checking out, "Hinxton Hall"


A labour of love, with a gazillion bricks (some of you will know I love painting bricks and mortar), a number of chimney pots, many many windows, a grand entrance, set in stunning grounds, and lets not forget those Canadian Geese that wander around like they own the land!


A totally beautiful Georgian building, built by John Bromwell Jones dating back to 1748.


This has been signed to the front by me, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, that I have signed.


In a nut-shell:-

Artist: Tanya Hudgell

Title: 'Hinxton Hall'

Original: Is available - this is to purchase a 60x40cm copy on 1.5cm stretched canvas


Instructions: Canvas 60x40cm (edging is 1.5cm approx) - The edges are mirrored and hence does not require a frame, but would still look nice in one.


Printing medium: Printing medium: HP Latex Inks stretched over canvas

Date of Issue:  November 2023

Hinxton Hall - Open Print 60cmx40cm

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