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Thank you for checking out, 'In search of Stroopwafels'


Ive decided the guy with his backpack on is, 'In search of a Stroopwafel'. He's cycled a long way on a cute dutch bicycle, and is tired, and cold - So, he's walking into town to find a warm cafe to rest up, and grab a hot drink from a cosy tea room, and a traditional Stroopwafel. I just love the name 'STROOPWAFEL!' I dont know why, but it makes me smile :) ...


This has been initalled to the front, by me, and signed on the reverse. This also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, that I have signed.


In a nut-shell:-

Artist: Tanya Hudgell

Title: 'In search of Stroopwafels'

Limited Edition Prints (up to 20 will be available)



Instructions: Canvas 40cm x 40cm approx (edging is 2cm with mirrored edging) - The edges are 'mirrored' and hence does not require a frame, but would still look nice in one.

(It is numbered to the front)  It is complete with hooks and artist wire, and is ready to hang on the wall, wrapped in cellophane.


Printing medium: HP Latex Inks stretched over canvas

Date of Issue: January 2022




In search of Stroopwafels Limited Edition Prints Art Canvas

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