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Thank you for checking out, "Motherly Love"


Im still seeing in triplicate and slightly boss-eyed!  I was inspired by a TV programme, actually about hotels, and these gorgeous Zebras were in the background with their heads leaning on each other, and I just thought, I have to paint some Zebras! I like to call them Zing and Zang, but the title says it all.


This has been signed to the front by me, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, that I have signed.


In a nut-shell:-

Artist: Tanya Hudgell

Title: 'Motherly Love'

Original: Is this canvas (copies of this will be available, size tbc)


Instructions: Canvas 100cm x 75cm approx (edging is 4cm) - The edges are painted and hence does not require a frame, but would still look nice in one.


Printing medium: Acrylic Paint

Date of Issue:  November 2023

'Motherly Love' - Original Piece Art Canvas

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