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Thank you for checking out, 'Supermoon'


Superoon indeed! A moonlit oasis ...


'A gentle breeze blows across the pond, the silhouette of the treeline stand tall, yet still in the cold night air. Its time to set off back to the cabin, put the logs on the fire, pour a brandy, and wait for the snow'.


This has been initialled to the front, by me, and signed on the reverse. This also comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


In a nut-shell:-

Artist: Tanya Hudgell

Title: 'Supermoon'

Size: 30 x 30cm'

Original: Is this painting


Limited Edition Prints will be available at 40 x 40cm in a black frame

Original: Is this piece

Instructions: Canvas 30cm x 30cm approx (edging is approx 1.5cm) - The edges are painted and hence does not require a frame, but would still look nice in one.


Printing medium: Acrylic Paint

Date of Issue: February 2024


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