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For the love of Thaxted!

Perfectly Imperfect .....

I started this painting about 4-5 years ago ... and put it away, thinking 🤔 about how I wanted to put paint to canvas ...

Then just the other day, I looked at some incomplete canvasses and pulled this one out, and just knew what to do with it ...

Make it chunky and funky!!! Got me pallete knives out and away I went ... What actually started out as something that would have been very detailed, but alas, I wanted something very different. I so enjoyed painting the 🌷 tulips, they look so pretty and 3D, and really make the painting pop!!!

I'm getting carried away as always 🤪 ... So here it is, the grande 'perfectly imperfect' Thaxted ...

Thanks for reading my little blog, and if you are interested let me know. I'm hoping to take it to that fabbo Maze by Day, Meze by Night at the weekend to 👀 in real time. Paintings look so much better in the flesh.

It will be for sale tonight on here too.

Happy afternoon all 🤓 xx

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