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Just a glimpse, as next week could be the finale folks!!

Walden Records is now in the pic, after a zillion more bricks and a very happy Tarn... Keep an eye out next week coz I reckon I may have cracked it ... so will it sell? Do I want to sell? Or shall I keep it? Can I do it ..... 🤔 ... Lets see... Do any of you know anyone that might want to buy it I wonder? What do I charge? What would you pay? Oooooh its all a bit to scary for me to contemplate, and contemplate I shall believe me. I still think my painting would suit the little magenta(ish) coloured house at the bottom of Bridge Street with the fabulous bricks - i'd love to have a look in that cottage, I just think its so gorgeous!

Anyway, time for some eats and a cold glass of something wonderful I think. Five hours painting today and needless to say an incredibly numb bum (looking forward to recent new office chair tomorrow that I simply just am in love with!), and a not so good back, but one must suffer eh, no pain no gain!

Have a super fun evening all and thank you once again for signing in to see me latest and read my waffling blurb about paint and all that jazz. I hope its not to duller read, I'm enjoying it :-) xxx

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