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'Motherly Love'

Lets talk black and white!

This beauty has had me go boss-eyed, honeslty! Who knew a black and white painting would be so difficult. . .

I was watching TV one eve and saw in the background two Zebras resting, and leaning their heads on each other and it made my heart melt, so I had to try it out of course!

Animals are not my forte, but I really went for it with these, which in my mind are called, 'Zing and Zang'. This is a 100cm x 75cm painting in acrylic paint on a deep edge canvas, so its pretty big, but I wanted to make an impact ... So if you know anyone who loves Zebras, do get in touch ....

You need to see it 'in th flesh' really - and it will be displayed in Maze by Day Meze by Night just off the Market Square in Saffron Walden, hopefully next Saturday, so treat yourself to a coffee and some fabulous Turkish food and admire the Art. I will also be getting smaller limited edition prints of these in black frames ... Oooh lovely!! Hopefully if I get my finger out, they will be here before Christmas so please watch this space!!!

Thanks for reading and have a super Sunday ...

Tarn xx

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