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Remember Blue Moon?

Happy New Year!

Let's hope 2024 brings us some good health and happiness 🙏

I hope you all had a super fun Christmas and managed to avoid the horrid germs and bugs 🍾

Blue Moon had proved very popular, and I should have some framed copies arriving by the weekend, for those that are waiting, will be touch ❣️

I have had my knives and brushes out just recently, and I'm pleased to tell you a new painting is in the making along the same vein as Blue Moon ... which you may find interesting...

'Gold Dust' is making good progress, lots of metallic paints, and thick knife work. It's looking kind of beautiful already 🖼 🎨 ...

A little Gothic in style, quite unique! The original may have been snapped up already, but I will keep you posted for copies (if they copy well enough, though copies won't be metallic, they will still be 'individually different' with Swarovski Crystal's... Well thats my plan!) ...

Have a super eve all, and thanks for reading.

Tarn xxx

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