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Roof tops n chimneys!

In a word 'Bricks' .... I really could spend all day painting bricks oddly! Then there's that little lemony snicket house in the middle that I wish was bigger as I do love a splash of colour. The neighbour's is on hold as I couldn't resist those roof tops. It always amazes me that time passes so quickly on a tiny part of the painting - what perhaps looks like it took 5 mins has probably taken me 5hours .... Im sure you all missed my post on Monday, so I'm sending it out to you all tonight instead :-)

Im welcoming any comments, I know its a pain that you can't easily add a comment, and you have to log in and all that jazz, but it would be fab-u-lous! I hope you are enjoying my updates, and taking a look at my brush strokes. Maybe you are into art and painting yourselves and have some tips for me.

Anyway, I shall sign off now and wish you all a great eve. Im off our for a few drinks and some eats with me ole mate Rach! xxx

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