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'Walking Home'

Metallic! Metallic! Metallic!

Don't you just love it! So shiny and beautiful.... but quite tricky to photo 📸

I know summertime is nearing, but Autumn is my fav, the colours are just so vibrant.

So, these guys have just walked their dogs, Bruce, and Flora (in her sapphire studded collar!), and they are now on the way back home, rustling though the Autumn leaves, and ready to warm up by the open fire 🔥. The woofs eager to cuddle up in their big soft basket,

The metallic leaves are really pretty in this painting, but as mentioned are SO difficult to photograph.

Many ideas for a newby, possibly a black and white one with a smidge of colour in mind, so keep watch.

Happy Sumday all, and have a lovely eve.

Tarn xxx

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