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All I see is bubbles!

And as you can see ... I like to work tidy ...

I’m nearing the end of bubble mania, bit of a strain on the eye balls, hence changing to Thaxted painting thisavo, but loving my bubbles.

And a little blob of paint over Thaxted, just getting started on this one (still loving my clouds ;-) ) ... 4pm and the light has diminished for today. Cuppa tea and food is in order next I think. Have a great eve all and thanks, as always, for reading.

Ooooh, and for those peeps that have asked, I did drop 3 of my best paintings to the library at the week-end, ready for that selection process. Keeping everything crossed that I may be lucky enough to get that exhibition up and running next year - it's a tick off my bucket list, if I should be so lucky ....

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