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'The Escapist'

Well this was an interesting one ... Confession ... I got carried away with it, and didnt keep looking at the photo, and it ended up a much brighter version of what was a very early morning in the desert, I imagine, Mr Crane?

I was actually listening to the real Amitiville Horror documentary (unusually). A four-parter on the TV, at the start of putting paint brush to canvas ... and this was a series about what had really happened in that house, which was really dreadful, but really interesting ...

Anyways ... needless to say, thankfully the documentary did not have any reflection on what I was painting, and in fact turned out much brighter and chirpier than was ever possible ...

So this pic is the original pic to the left, I love this photo ...

And here below are some stages I went through, and my interpretation of the photo, which is very different, as you will see ...

and here is the finale ...

'He cycles in the desert to a place beyond, the heat is stifling, but this is his time to ponder, to think, to dream ... paradise is in his minds eye. The palms sit still in the humid air, where does the road to nowhere lead I wonder?'

Thanks for looking folks ... this one is for sale on my shop page if you are interested.

Have a lovely eve all.

Tarn xx

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