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Fancy an 'Autumn Stroll' ?

Well do you? Fancy an 'Autumn Stroll' of your own ... my latest acrylic painting is now complete...

Gorgeous rich autumn colours, burnt oranges, sangria reds, rich browns. I did go for that park bench and it tried my patience 🤭 ... but I got there in the end ...

There is always a story with any painting, but it's up to you to decide what that may be ...

A couple taking a stroll on the footpath by the lake, late afternoon, the lights are starting to flicker on ... they are all wrapped up warm and toastie, breathing in the smell of the autumn rain.

The rain is clearing and the bluey grey hues force their appearance through the clouds, shimmering across the lake, and spilling onto their path. You can see the bridge in the distance, and hear the gentle hum of the traffic.

The rain pitter patters on their brollie, as gradually, it starts to slow down ...

A glass of something chilled awaits them, when they reach their destination. An open log fire, the sound of wood crackles, the shadows dance on the walls ...

Okay, I'm getting carried away now ... what do you think? Where are they going?

Here's a bit about my painting:-

61cm x 76cm (with a deep edge of 4cm) or

24 inches x 30 inches (edging Approx 1.5inch)

It has been initialled to the front, by me, and signed on the reverse.

This also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, that I have signed.

In a nut-shell:- Artist: Tanya Hudgell

Title: Autumn Stroll Original: Is this painting (copies will be available, please email for estimated price) Instructions: Deep Edge Canvas 61cm x 76cm (edging is 4cm) - The edges are painted and hence does not require a frame. Printing medium: Acrylic Paint Date of Issue: September 2020

I'm available to buy for £350.00 (if I need to post to you in the UK, its around £20, and will be wrapped, boxed etc for it's safe journey).

If you need any further info at all, feel free to email me ...

Have a super fun eve all, and thank you so much for checking in, and seeing my work, its so much appreciated.

Tarn xxx

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