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I think 3 hours to the finish line!

I see this building all week, walk the hallways and pretend it's my home! Now that would be something... I never tire of the beauty of Hinxton Hall ..

There is always something new to see, on a daily basis ...

And I'm nearing the grand finale ... I haven't attempted grass before, so this is another new technique ...

And of course I had to paint in some fabulous Canadian Geese, though a little scary when you get too close to them ... there are squirrels in hiding in the trees too ...

So next week will be completion on this beauty ... just a few bits I'm not quite happy with. It's a decent size at 100cm x 75cm and has taken a lengthy time, but I've loved every brick, blade of grass, windows, bushes, geese - all of it!

Keep an 👁 out next week 🤞

Have good eves all

Tarn xxx

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