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'In search of Stroopwafels'

Lots to look at here. Got to say my fav part to paint was that big old lamp! I love a lamp light ...

You may have guessed from the title, it's a dutch scene ...

I have really enjoyed painting some snowy scenes this year, and water is a new experience for me too.

Ive decided the guy with his backpack on is, 'In search of a Stroopwafel'. He's cycled a long way on a cute dutch bicycle, and is tired, and cold - So, he's walking into town to find a warm cafe to rest up, and grab a hot drink from a cosy tea room, and a traditional Stroopwafel. I just love the name 'STROOPWAFEL!' I dont know why, but it makes me smile :) ...

I am hanging up my 'painting pinnie' for the

Christmas break, but as always thank you for

checking in in to read my blogs, and thank you

massively for your support this year.

My recent art works have been totally inspired

by 'Mand'. I would never have tried snow or

water, but felt a big 'push,' and a massive urge

to try new techniques.

Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed xxx

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