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Into the world of 'black' n 'bumpy' ... ?

Let the black hole swallow me up! Why I ask myself .... Why oh why ... seriously! Noooooooo!!

The excitement of textures, pastes and pumice, and oooh carvable modelling paste, YES!!!! Even my darling feline wanted in on the excitement (my new model looking on in envy). Or, it could be the fact that the air may have been tarnished 'blue', as I began unscrewing the lids, and the realisation I had had these little pots for about 30 years. I should have known these may not be a, 'usable discovery'.

Alas! I will not be deterred by a little hardened mixture - one can but try, and one will.

After that 'tarnished air,' had faded, I did indeed find, only one 'usable find' (better than none right?). This will do for what I want - never one to give up ...

So off we go ... this stuff, Medium Grain Gel, is now my friend. Looks dia doesn't it? Just how I want it, for what I want it for ... the artistic mind is always full of oddities.

These textures are exactly what I'm looking for .... a perfect mess!

Requiring a little masking tape to sharpen up my lines, and we are on! ... The use of an artists knife - gotta be good for something haven't they? (admittedly, normally a disaster) But, clearly good for smearing on medium.

Believe it or not, it's taking form. Shame the carvable paste is not playing ball, as this could be a different ball game.

Thought I may take pics of me doing something spectacular, as you can see ....

And then some .... people like pictures ...

Don't they ....

My canvas is taking form, though the paste has a bit of a nasty smell ... I will absorb this, and be fine I'm sure ... :-)

The outcome, is as above (a small part of it anyway) - perhaps not what you, the reader had in mind. Hmmmm ... Expand the mind lovely people? Any ideas .... "far far away"... ?

All will be revealed ... another time ....

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blurb, as always, and have a super fun evening.

T xxx

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