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Moonshine finished :)

So, where we left off was someone was watching through the trees, but no trees, remember?

A very sparse painting, but then seascapes often can be ...

I always love to tell a little story in my paintings, but that's just what I see. You may see, or feel something totally different, which I hope you do...

Its a chilly night ... but the man on the boat, sits, being gently rocked by the delicate waves lapping at the boat ...

He looks like a fisherman in that little boat, but I'm not too sure. I see his sillouette gazing up to the moon, and I wonder what he is thinking ... is he happy or is he sad? Maybe he is simply fishing in the early hours of the morning, when the darkness still falls silently around him. The bright moon lights up the sea and shimmers brightly on the calming waves.

So who is watching him through the trees, I wonder?

Acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm - Im rather enjoying the black and white, though must confess, it can show every little error, so best not to make any!

I will pop on my selling page in a while, if you fancy treating yourself or someone else for Christmas, then click the 'Buy' button quickly. If you are very near proximity to me, I would rather deliver, or meet up to exchange, as the post at this time of the year can be quite something! And also I would rather not post as canvas can get damaged (how ever well packaged it is).

Have good afternoons all!

Take it easy

Tarn xxx

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