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'Soul Mates,' is finished!

This has been such a great painting to complete - ive loved every 'knife stroke'! Though I confess got a smidge frustrated with some too. Sometimes, the paint and the palette knife just will not do what you want it to do ...

Of course, Saffron Walden High Street has had a revamp, in my minds eye.

And not only a revamp - It's been pedestrianised, so one can walk up and down the High Street at ease, with no care in the world.

'Soul Mates' is a very textured, very bright and very colourful canvas, and just makes you smile (I hope).

Ive added a few more pics to show you how I finished it ...

You may note the War Memorial has been knocked down, and replastered from previous update!

I realised that it was on the slant in my painting, as I was sure that it should have been, (mind playing tricks again) completely 'at a slant'. However on second look, and having had it pointed out to me (oh bother!) I had indeed made a rather large foopar!

Oh what a silly blunder, as I felt it was complete and fine.

Not to worry though, mission accomplished ...

Oh I just love that yellow house on the High Street, dont you? Its just so pretty ...

So, ive called this one 'Soul Mates', as you may notice there is a couple walking down the High Street, with their arms around each other, just walking in the rain, on a warm summers eve ...

And then the big reveal awaits ... I really hope you've enjoyed my little blog.

Its great to hear from you, so do please keep emailing me, as I do really appreciate your comments, and will always reply ...

I will price this one, and pop on my selling page, but do let me know if you are interested, as I will also be obtaining copies of this one, as no metallic paint to be seen!

Have a great eve all.

Tarn xxx

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Oh wow, another masterpiece, I absolutely love it. You have such an imaginative mind, and your use of colour is so clever, my only question is what will you bring us next, excited already x x

Tanya Hudgell
Tanya Hudgell
Aug 10, 2021
Replying to

Hey Linda! Thanks as always for comments. My mind is always in colour ☺. So pleased you like, my fellow artist 🎨 .... Next? Who knows where the knives/brushes may take me 🤓 xx

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