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The Eight Bells ....

Many a fond memory at the Eight Bells as I am sure many of you can remember. A great deal of my youth spent perched upon a bar stall with my drinking buddies ...

Anyways... we don't want to share too much information about my youth! What about those little antique gold metallic bells that have hit my canvas! Tiny as they are, they make me so happy, Oh how we all love shiny paint don't we? A girly thing perhaps!?

Let me tell you though ... I had stupidly thought I was gonna finish my painting over the course of this weekend. However spent many hours realising I had made a few errors, and corrections take so much longer to perfect. Then of course, you've perfected one part and that knocks out another. Needless to say I have been faffing around for far too long, but finally feel at ease once again (there were nearly tears n tantrums). Who knew a tiny 'Petrol' sign would cause me sooo many issues. I loved that little sign at the beginning, then I began to detest it, and now I'm friends with it again. Truly! I lost it there for while. Maybe I have been inside too long in this wonderful weather, and going a bit stir crazy. What a fab few days sunshine - we've been spoilt - bet my mate 'Mollie M' is smiling.

And so, I am still creeping up the other side of Bridge Street - no sun that side, really dark and can't quite see what I'm painting, but it seems to be happening. Thanks for reading my latest all. Have a great week and enjoy the heat! Thats all from me xxx

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