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The Rooftops of Thaxted

I am such a messy painter. I look at other Artists paint pallets and the paint is set out in meticulous order, in decent little blobs, ready to neatly mix, leaving blank areas to mix in! I will never learn, my paint pallet always looks dia from the beginning, and gradually gets so messy, that I use sheets and sheets of this clever wax paper.

So today, I have decided to make life a lot easier for myself, and not paint each building individually, as I normally would. Instead I have painted all the roof tops, and some chimneys all in one fell swoop! Now I know why! THIS HAS SAVED ME HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS of work. Though it is not pleasing to my eye, to see my work without the finer details (which is my absolute favourite part), I think I can live with this, for a while.

Why I haven't grasped this notion before, I will never know. You live and learn I am told....

Normally, I do my road last and sky second from last - how stupid I have been! This time, sky first, then light fluffy clouds, then road, then roof tops ..... I'm on a roll here, I tell you!

Must say, I cant wait to recommence more 'Bubblemania' ... sold it you know! The one that got away... the original, one of a kind ... YES I let it go ... and ..... I must confess, 'it felt great' . To see my buyer so pleased and complimentary, was worth every metallic detail! I was under the illusion that I would miss my Bubblemania (which I confess I do a smidge), and when it came to it, not want to sell it. BUT I DID IT!

Thanks for reading folks and have a good eve, over and out from me xxx

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